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Crypto regulation would make U.S. a leader in the space, says Blockchain Association’s Smith


“When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail,” says Blockchain Association’s Kristin Smith on the SEC looking to regulate cryptocurrency


Kristin Smith speaks with Caroline Hyde & Sonali Basak about future frameworks to regulate stablecoins, spot markets, and how the latest market events have honed congressional focus.

Kristin joins Squawk Box to break down what’s causing a divergence between cryptocurrencies and crypto-related stocks


Kristin Smith joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss crypto regulatory issues, bitcoin mining, investments, and looking to states to legislate around the blockchain

Kristin joins Emily Chang on Bloomberg Technology’s Crypto Report for a deep dive on what influence Elon Musk can have on Twitter’s crypto aspirations

Russia can’t evade sanctions with crypto: Warren’s proposal only harms the US

2022 Will Be the Most Consequential Year in Crypto Policy Yet

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