Our Team

Kristin Smith

Executive Director

Kristin runs the Blockchain Association, where she leads the crypto industry’s development of a strategic roadmap for public policy. She is an experienced policy professional, with senior-level experience in both House and Senate offices as well as private sector experience advocating for companies in the telecommunications, Internet, and other tech-focused industries. Kristin holds an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business and a graduate degree from Georgetown University.

Jacob Hample

Senior Manager, Public Policy

Jacob is the Blockchain Association’s primary face on Capitol Hill, where he educates Members of Congress and their staff on the regulatory challenges facing the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Prior to joining the association, Jacob worked for a lobbying firm as well as progressive politicians in Georgia, Missouri, the United Kingdom, and Washington, DC. Jacob received his B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, where he double-majored in Economics and Political Science and minored in History. 

Miller Whitehouse-Levine

Manager, Industry Relations

Miller leads the association’s industry outreach efforts and coalition partnerships. Prior to joining the association, Miller was a public policy associate at Goldstein Policy Solutions and has worked at Holland & Knight, the Office of the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, the American Enterprise Institute, and McDonald’s. He earned a B.S. in international politics and a minor in Mandarin Chinese from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

Graham Newhall

Communications Advisor

Graham is the communication advisor to the Blockchain Association. He is responsible for designing and executing a national media and communication strategy to support the public policy goals of the Blockchain Association.

AnnMarie Brockhouse

Executive Assistant

AnnMarie Brockhouse is the executive assistant for the Blockchain Association. She brings over two decades of management and c-suite experience including extensive expertise in client services, operations, administration, human resources, and organizational development. AnnMarie’s goal is to be a strategic partner, trusted confidant, and professional problem solver for her team.

Our Board

Stu Alderoty

General Counsel, Ripple

Marvin Ammori

General Counsel, Protocol Labs

Joe Eagan

President, Polychain Capital

Graham Harper

Head of Public Policy and Market Structure, DRW

Josh Hawkins

SVP, Global Corporate Communications, Circle

Josh Mendelsohn

Managing Partner, Hangar

Mark Murphy

Chief Operating Officer

Hermine Wong

Chief of Staff and Counsel, Trust and Risk

Decentralized Finance Working Group

The Open Finance Working Group facilitates discussion among industry participants, educating policymakers, and proposing public policy solutions on issues related to the decentralized finance (DeFi) community.

  • Brian Avello, Maker Foundation
  • Jake Chervinsky, Compound
  • Jason Somensatto, 0x

Securities Law Working Group

The Securities Law Working Group coordinates the open blockchain industry’s efforts to seek regulatory clarity in the United States securities laws.

  • Georgia Quinn, Coinlist
  • Ian Darrow, Protocol Labs
  • Craig Salm, Grayscale
  • Ben Melnicki, Ripple

Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

The Diversity and Inclusion Working Group driving public policy discussions to promote financial inclusion using open blockchain technology and promoting diversity within the blockchain industry.

  • Amy Luo, Coinbase
  • Ruby Sekhon, Polychain Capital

Stablecoin Working Group

The Stablecoin Working group leads the blockchain industry’s collaboration with U.S. regulators and legislators as they learn about the potential of stablecoins to positively affect the world economy and is developing policies to support, adopt and regulate them.

  • Josh Hawkins, Circle
  • Amy Luo, Coinbase

Litigation Working Group

The Litigation Working Group oversees the Blockchain Association’s efforts to ensure that courts are educated about how decisions related to enforcement actions could affect the broader crypto industry. 

  • Marvin Ammori, Protocol Labs
  • Hermine Wong, Coinbase

Custody Working Group

The Custody Working Group coordinates industry efforts to engage with regulators as they develop guidance on the custody of digital assets. 

  • Matt Perona, Polychain

Staking Working Group

The Blockchain Association’s Staking Working Group works to educate the policymaking community about proof-of-stake (PoS) networks and the legal and regulatory issues with particular effect on PoS networks.

  • Rachel Nelson, Coinbase
  • Matt Perona, Polychain

Privacy and User Data Working Group

The Privacy and User Data Working Group seeks to educate the policy-making community about the privacy and security benefits blockchain applications could provide consumers.

  • Jack Gavigan, Electric Coin Company
  • Dr. Steven Waterhouse, Orchid

Market Integrity Working Group

The Association’s Market Integrity Working Group supports the development of public policy that ensures the transparency and fairness of cryptocurrency markets. 

  • Breanne Madigan, Ripple
  • Rachel Nelson, Coinbase

Tax Reporting Working Group

The Tax Reporting Working Group leads the crypto industry’s efforts to engage with Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on tax reporting.

  • Sulolit (Raj) Mukherjee, Coinbase

Security Token Working Group

The Security Token Working Group coordinates the crypto industry’s work with regulators and policymakers to modernize securities regulations in order to realize the full benefits of tokenized securities. 

  • Dan Konar, Coinbase
  • Alex Levine, TokenSoft
  • Georgia Quinn, CoinList

Defend Crypto: We’ve taken over the Defend Crypto fund to advance favorable ecosystem-wide jurisprudence.

We’re pleased to announce that the Blockchain Association will take responsibility for managing more than $1 million of residual funds from Defend Crypto to help fight legal battles that could benefit the entire crypto industry. The fund is overseen by the Blockchain Association’s Litigation Working Group.