DCG partnered with The Harris Poll to explore swing state attitudes toward digital currencies and the financial system in the run-up to the election.

“This data shows crypto is top of mind for voters in swing Senate states and that a pro-crypto position is a net positive for policymakers and candidates,” said Julie Stitzel, Senior Vice President of Policy at DCG. “The poll also underscores a strong desire for policymakers to establish reasonable regulations that protect consumers without stifling innovation.”

“The recent poll conducted by Harris and DCG confirms what many in the industry have suspected: digital assets have emerged as a significant issue in the upcoming election,” said Kristin Smith, CEO of the Blockchain Association. “Additionally, over one quarter (26%) of voters indicate that they are actively weighing political candidates’ positions on digital assets when making their decisions. These data underscore the increasing relevance of our issues in shaping the electoral landscape of 2024.”

Crypto as a voting issue could present a key opportunity for political candidates.

The vast majority of both voters who support cryptocurrency and voters overall plan to vote in the upcoming 2024 elections (90%+) and are closely split in party lean.

Crypto regulation does have support – about 20-25% of voters and one-third of crypto-positive voters want elected officials to focus on crypto regulation or protections for crypto investors.

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