The Blockchain Association Political Action Committee (BAPAC) is a political action committee dedicated to fostering a pro-crypto climate in Washington, D.C. We believe in the power of crypto to build a stronger, more equitable economy for everyone, and our mission is to support political candidates who share that belief.

As a bi-partisan organization, we don’t see red or blue. Our chief focus is helping elect leaders who will support a commonsense regulatory regime that nurtures crypto innovation and protects consumers.

Why Give

Your voluntary, personal contribution to the PAC is your best investment to influence the long-term stability of the blockchain ecosystem. Giving to BAPAC…

  • Gives our industry a way to support candidates and lawmakers who understand the industry and share our unified views on legislation affecting the blockchain community.
  • Gives us access to lawmakers who BA has supported. Knowing access doesn’t mean a direct vote, it simply means BAPAC has an incredible opportunity to communicate our position to a lawmaker who is willing to remain open-minded and uncommitted until he/she has heard our position.
  • Elevates our political credibility. Contributing to the PAC signals to lawmakers that crypto is here for good.

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