Crypto Industry’s Leading Trade Association More than Doubles Membership in 2021

The Blockchain Association’s Growing Presence in Washington Helping Safeguard Crypto Interests as its Support from Industry Grow

Washington, D.C. (December 9, 2021) – The Blockchain Association is proud to announce that they have grown their membership to 65 of the American crypto economy’s most important firms, investors, exchanges, infrastructure companies, and projects. More than three years since its inception, the association has forged a role as the leading advocate for the US-based cryptocurrency industry.

Cryptocurrencies and underlying blockchain technology have the potential to revolutionize the financial institutions that play a critical role in our everyday lives. Crypto can uniquely provide individuals full autonomy over their own assets, eliminating dependencies on financial services, reducing costs, and increasing the efficiency of our financial system. As millions of Americans begin adopting crypto as a legitimate means for financial services, these overwhelming benefits only become more apparent. 

Today, we must work with the administration and our legislators to carefully promote sensible regulations that will protect investors and embolden the growth of this cutting edge technology. With the help of their member companies, the Blockchain Association has been working directly with policymakers to ensure that regulations do not hinder the growth of this industry, but rather, ensure the United States’ position as the world leader of technological innovation. 

The Blockchain Association, therefore, welcomes the addition of the following member companies: Blockdaemon, CMS Holdings, Code, ConsenSys, Dapper Labs, Dash Core Group, Dragonfly Capital, Gala Games, GoldenTree Asset Management, GSR, Hashflow Foundation, Interchain Foundation, Jet Protocol, Jump Crypto, Messari, MobileCoin, Optimism, Republic, Solana Labs, Spyglass Ventures, Star Atlas, Tacen, Terraform Labs, and US Bitcoin Corporation.