Blockchain Association files amicus brief in Coin Center v. Treasury

Washington, D.C. (June 2, 2023) – Blockchain Association (BA) announced today that it has filed an amicus brief in Coin Center v. Treasury regarding OFAC’s sanctions against the privacy-protecting software known as Tornado Cash. Today’s announcement follows BA’s April amicus brief filing in Van Loon v. Treasury regarding the same sanctions. 

The following statement is attributed to Kristin Smith, Blockchain Association CEO: 

“It’s critical to recognize that Tornado Cash is simply a tool – punishing the tool itself simply because it can be used by anyone, including bad actors, runs contrary to the values this country was founded upon. Blockchain Association stands with Coin Center, advocating for the responsible and lawful use of blockchain technology. Regulatory actions should only be targeted at bad actors who abuse this tool for illegal purposes.”