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Blockchain will play a pivotal role in our shared digital future. We’re an association of industry leaders advocating for the innovation and collaboration that will unlock the tremendous potential in our community. SUBSCRIBE

"Our mission is to create an open financial system for the world. There are not clearly defined rules in this industry, which means we have an opportunity to help write them. That is a huge opportunity that requires creative problem solving." - Brian Armstrong, CEO

“As with early internet innovators, blockchain firms need to partner with the government to effect this technology’s full potential. Blockchain Association is a critical bridge for this partnership.” - Robert Bench, Head Regulatory Counsel & CCO

"Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and autonomous decentralized platforms will be essential to improving computing over the next decades for billions of people in ways few can predict." - Juan Benet, CEO

"We believe the formation of this association is an important step in the maturation of our industry and ensures policymakers have a credible, thoughtful partner in creating conditions that will allow innovation to thrive." - Josh Mendelsohn, Managing Partner

"In the early days of new industries, nothing is more critical than bringing together the right stakeholders and working with other parties. The Blockchain Association is leading the way on this." - Andy Bromberg, Co-founder & President

"We're excited to partner with other credible entities in the distributed ledger community to inform regulators and legislators on how to best support this transformative technology." - Brit Yonge, Co-Founder

“We believe that collaboration is pivotal for expanding blockchain technology more broadly. We’re excited to work with the community, as well as regulators, policymakers, and academia to spread this powerful technology.” - Muneeb Ali, Co-founder

"Blockchain can transform healthcare for the better with a supportive regulatory environment. Decent is proud to lend its voice as a founding member of the Blockchain Association." - Nick Soman, CEO

"Clear rules of the road are one of the most important things needed for digital asset markets to grow to their full potential. Cumberland is proud to be a founding member of this effort." - Jason Leung, Global Head of Cumberland

Why We Exist: Our goal is to advance trust, transparency, safety and innovation through distributed technologies and services.

There are barriers to these advancements. On the tech side, innovators face regulatory minefields. On the policy side, lawmakers must navigate consumer protection, security concerns and misinformation. We’re committed to creating deep partnerships — within and between technology and governmentto share knowledge, identify opportunities, and co-create a digital future that’s more transparent, more inspiring and more secure.


1. Represent

our industry in front of regulators and lawmakers.

2. Share

our enthusiasm for the potential of blockchain technology with a wide audience.

3. Clarify

the technology’s functionality and benefits to dispel negative sentiment and misinformation.

4. Coordinate

grassroots advocacy with tech organizations, entrepreneurs and users.

5. Prioritize

a regulatory agenda that advances value exchange, capital formation and consumer protection.

6. Participate

in regulatory and policy discussions at a national and international level.

7. Amplify

our message through partnerships with aligned groups.

Who We Are: Our members are chosen for their commitment to building, investing in, and advocating for blockchain networks fueled by cryptocurrencies.

They include blockchain projects building blockchain networks, trading platforms that allow users to exchange cryptocurrencies, and early state investors that support the entire ecosystem.

  • Executive Members

    Core contributors to the blockchain ecosystem. They are committed to a responsible, collaborative, security-focused, and community-minded approach.

  • Associate Members

    New blockchain innovators, offering unique perspectives from their position within the industry.

  • Supporters

    Advocates, working outside of the blockchain industry but committed to its advancement.